Quick Steps- to Lit Trip



Preliminary Steps Include:
*  Gather research -including citations
Save/Upload pictures and videos that will be used in lit trip
*  Save/Upload links and websites that will be referenced  

STEP 1:  Create New Folder for Trip > click on Add in tool bar > New Folder > Name Folder

STEP 2:  Type first address of location into the Search Box in the top left-hand corner- click search

STEP 3:  Click the placemark tack in the tool bar (yellow +)

STEP 4:  Name your place

STEP 5:  Choose icon that will designate your location > upper right-hand corner of info box- you can also change the color of your pin and icon

STEP 6:  Add information to your info box- including text, pictures, video, links, and citations
a.  images- I use Morguefile -as they are free photos and do not require attribution.  Right click on the image and copy the image location.  Paste the URL into the image box www.morguefile.com -
b.  links- You may also add links

STEP 7:  Repeat for each address of your trip

STEP 8:  Practice the tour by reading through the info boxes and conducting street views at each location

STEP 9:  Record your tour > Quick Time Screen-cast works much better than the built in recorder

STEP 10:  Import into I-Movie > crop > add music and transitions > upload into YouTube > share

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