Presentation Agenda- 8/1

LET'S TAKE A LIT TRIP- Google Earth Template & Tutorial

Note:  This agenda can also be adjusted to use in the classroom

How Do You Create a Google Lit Trip?
A Google Lit Trip is a collection of "Place-marks" and online resources saved in Google Earth.  To create a tour or trip, begin by selecting the places you want to feature in Google Earth.  Once you've put a place-mark at each location, you can then begin embedding photos, videos, web-links, and more in the "Properties" window or Info Box of each location. 
I.  Introduction:  
a.  Opening Question- Mentimeter Poll & Today's Meet
b.  Site specifics- Tour of the site with short explanations
c.   Individual exploration of the site- 

II.  Getting Started: 
a.  Make sure Google Earth is downloaded- free download through Apps.
b.  For practice purposes: 
1.  Choose topic based on curriculum
2.  Download 2-3 photos to desktop for purpose of construction ( in relation to topic)
3.  Find specific address or sites involved in research.  Ex:  famous landmarks, historical figures, etc.

III.  Begin Construction of Trip: 
a.  Guided Practice- Construction of trip- use information from your search for purposes of learning construction procedures
b.  Insert research into the info boxes- copy/paste info (time constraints)
c.  Citation maker- A link has been provided on the side bar of the site for Citation Maker
c.  Upload pictures into the info boxes- use pictures from desktop
d.  Practice Street View techniques- demonstrate street view technique (time permitting)

IV.  Recording:  (time permitting)
a.  Use QuickTime for recording (works much better than Google Earth recording feature)- automatically saved in Movies-  ( -  short video on creating a screen-cast)
b.  Import into I-Movie- crop out everything except map
c.  Crop, add music, transitions, etc.
d.  Publish in YouTube
e.  Create Playlists of student productions.

V.  Exit:  Twitter
a.  Open your Twitter account
b.  Post- How do you see yourself incorporating Google Earth Trips into your curriculum?
c.  Hashtags to use:  #pneid #Inelearn #

QUESTIONS:  Please contact me at any time with questions on construction of your lit trip.

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